Chicago Sinfonietta! CUBS Win World Series!

12 Nov Chicago Sinfonietta! CUBS Win World Series!

I had the distinct opportunity to work with Maestra Mei-Ann Chen and the Chicago Sinfonietta. What makes the Sinfonietta so unique is not only their musicianship, but what the organization stands for – they are strong on supporting and representing women in the performing arts, which is a cause near and dear to my heart.

It was also a pleasure to work with CEO Jim Hirsch in the planning of the performances, which included the Chicago premieres of Popol-Vuh, and the Pizzi-Cuban Polka at Went Concert Hall and Symphony Center! The time spent in Chicago was also fantastic as my family and I got to experience the city lit up, as the Chicago Cubs went on to win their first World Series in a very very long time. Even the Chicago Museum of Modern Art, along with its iconic Lions were showing their Cub Pride.

Chicago Cubs

Cubs Fever

To give you a sense of the last time they won, Debussy was 45 years old and had just published the Children’s Corner Suite, and Bernard Hermmann had not yet been born. The year was 1908. So you can imagine that 108 years would set a city aflame at the hope and expectation to finally win. Maestra Chen even opened the show with “Take Me Out to the Ballgame ” appropriately donning a Cubs hat!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game with the Chicago Sinfonietta!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game with the Chicago Sinfonietta!

I look forward to collaborating with Maestra Chen and Jim in the future, as they provided an unforgettable experience for me my family, as well as fantastic performances of my works.




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