GODLESS on Netflix!

22 Nov GODLESS on Netflix!

As Frank Griffin says: “Well folks – how about it” – for the past year and a half, I’ve had both the challenge and privilege to score Godless, a Western – A WESTERN!

Writing music that felt truthful to the genre, while walking among such iconic composers as Ennio Morricone and Elmer Bernstein was not lost on me.

As many of the cast probably noticed through the premiere, first and foremost I am a fan. Mostly because they all delivered inspiring performances.

And thanks to the almighty Scott Frank and the keenest editing by Michelle Tesoro, I was given seven and a half hours to tell story.

I collaborated closely and learned from the best sound folks in the business – Wylie Stateman and Eric Hoehn – to design a soundscape that would support Scott’s vision.

While the music making team, Tom Kramer, David Stal, Jeremy Levy, and Lawrence Manchester helped me get to and through the finish line.

The Godless Post team were a dream to work with, as they were extremely supportive under the pressure a project of this scope carries.

While at home, my better half, Lisette, lent an ear and kept things sane – I’m too lucky.

Finally, if you like the theme, there are possibly two reasons: 1) T Bone Burnett mixed it (for real!!), and 2) The amazing Joy Adams played Cello and Fiddle. As a matter of fact, Joy Adams plays (and sings) all over the score for Godless. She is a wonder, and you will hear why…

I really really hope you enjoy this ride, and savor each episode of Godless – take the time. Scott tells a great story.




  • Mitsi Wagner
    Posted at 00:02h, 06 January Reply

    This score was very rich. I often listened to it from another room while my husband watched it on Netflix. ( hate westerns). I appreciated the storytelling qualities of the score. It was accurate and supportive and explicative of the story — never solely “background music”. In fact, the score was richer and deeper and of more lasting value than the story, itself. People who have this composer as a teacher are fortunate.

    • Carlos Rafael Rivera
      Posted at 01:16h, 06 January Reply

      thanks SO much for such an honest note!!! It is a privilege to teach the students I have at the Frost School of Music. Have a Happy New Year!


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