Matt Scudder’s Theme

24 Oct Matt Scudder’s Theme

It’s quite magical and mysterious how music can add so much to what would otherwise be shots of Liam Neeson, playing Matt Scudder, walking through a cemetery in the daytime – lots of shoe leather. Yet through the music itself we are perhaps allowed to form a deeper relationship with Matt, or at least address the character’s vulnerability.
Matt Scudder Theme
This is also one of the few instances in the picture where music not only plays a central role in setting the tone, but also allows a melody to clearly define it’s character.  Scott always felt that Matt Scudder was a sad dude – he’d blown it. And the music should reflect the weight of his redemption.


click below to download and check out Matt Scudder’s Theme…
Matt Scudder – A Walk Among the Tombstones (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


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