Godless Theme: feat. Joy Adams on Cello

About This Project

 for anyone curious, as of this writing Netflix has not yet released the soundtrack – fingers crossed they will…  
Godless is an epic Western that Scott Frank has developed over many years. He is truly one of the great storytellers of our time, and some of the scenes were so vividly detailed that I wrote music immediately after reading the script.
The theme was written as a result of trying to find music that encapsulated the story in a melodic and identifiable way.
If you like the theme, there are possibly two reasons: 
1) T Bone Burnett mixed it (for real!!), and  
2) The amazing Joy Adams played Cello and Fiddle. As a matter of fact, Joy Adams plays (and sings) all over the score for Godless. She is a wonder, and you will hear why…