Main Title

Main Title

This was the cue that set the tone for the whole movie. It was the hardest to come by, since It was written after Scott asked me to throw away all the previous music I’d scored. You see, as the film was being edited, a new shape and more importantly – tone – came to the fore, and it was becoming obvious, even with my own inexperience, that all of my previous sketches weren’t fitting any more.

So Scott asked I write a new main theme, and he needed it soon. I went to the beach apartment with my laptop, guitar, and a keyboard for two straight days. The resulting music reflected my own psychological state, having to reframe my take on the entire score overnight. Nothing like a bit of pressure to help one grow.

The story begins with a very important scene that continues to be alluded throughout the film. Scott and I were looking for an iconic, uncomfortable sound to underscore it – and help it set the tone for many of the intense moments to follow. I decided upon a cluster in the strings – four ascending chromatic notes, but spread and displaced downward throughout a few octaves –



Those chords – colored by a choir singing in unison that eerily begins to spread away from itself – lead to the presentation of the main theme. I looked for something malleable, haunting, dreadful. And a motive of thirds shifting by half steps became central in establishing the two dark characters that inhabit the story.
This really was the engine behind the score. At once serving as melody and motive.

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Main Title – A Walk Among the Tombstones (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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