The last cue…and of course, another difficult cue to nail, since it was the final cue written for the film – and we had our recording sessions scheduled out for the following day.  I cannot thank Tom Kramer enough for helping assemble the structure of this one from previous cues. As I’ve said before, he is one of the great music editors, and was a fantastic coach and help in getting this cue across the finish line.

The transitional details between the investigative cue ostinato, to Matt’s Theme, to the Final bars, became a great challenge to make seem unnoticeable, musical, and most of all, needed.



So after the final cue was approved, we ended up recording most everything at Paul Antonelli’s Club House Recording Studios in Rhinebeck, NY.  Getting to conduct and record with such talented musicians was without a doubt the funnest part about making the score.


CH 07 Choir Post


I can’t thank you all enough for reading through these blogs and listening (or even downloading!) the score.  If this blog helped you in any way to get a better sense of the process of movie making, I’m truly grateful! Thanks for reading!


click below to download and listen to the ending music for A Walk Among the Tombstones…
Aftermath / Reprise – A Walk Among the Tombstones (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)



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