Among The Tombstones

Among The Tombstones

This cue was an education in pacing. My original take on the music was a lot busier, but Tom Kramer and his thirty plus years of music editing were crucial in getting this one right. We butted heads a bit on it, as I really fought him on his insistence of slowing down the music to allow the scene to breath. The dialogue between Ray and Matt’s exchange is fantastic, and the music should only support that, mainly by getting out of the way. available domain names . I’m glad he really pushed me to do this as I feel it elevated the tone of the entire first half of the scene.

Once the first bullet was shot, I wanted from the very beginning to play against the expected upbeat musical pacing of the shootout sequence. Mainly because Kenny’s brother, Peter, gets shot, and I wanted to play to that sense of loss Kenny will experience. And also, because I wanted to find a space to fit into the massive (and genial) sound design by Willey Stateman, Dror Mohar, and Branden Spencer – those guys are truly wizards and sages. How they construct such a soundscape throughout the film is still (and will perhaps always be) beyond me.






click below to download and listen to the silences built into the opening of the cue, giving way to the Harp, and ensuing tension…
Among the Tombstones – A Walk Among the Tombstones (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


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