Drive to the Cemetery

Drive to the Cemetery

This is perhaps my favorite cue, in that it happens to capture the impending meeting between Matt, Ray & Albert, all while addressing his visit to the AA Meeting, with the Twelve Steps being narrated throughout. This is pure Scott Frank mastery, a very complicated scene to undertake, and of course, score. How do you address the tone? who or what are you writing to/for? All these questions were wrestled and dealt with, and I feel we pulled it off.


The first thing was to reprise the Main Title Theme almost completely, however adding a layer, and playing it over the investigative ostinato, all while harmonically increasing the tension until the arrival at the cemetery. The music served as an effective bridge between Scott’s masterful play on timelines from here on through the next few cues.


As they finally Walk Among the Tombstones, I shifted the key center completely within the cue, and brought in Kenny’s Theme. It flows naturally, being so darned related to the Main Theme. As a closer to this climactic setup in the story, I ended the cue with a few gestures from the ending of the Main Title, in order to bring in the familiar to a wholly unexpected outcome…




click below to download and listen as the final notes echo the Main Title’s ending…
Drive To the Cemetery – A Walk Among the Tombstones (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


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