Kenny In The Basement

Kenny In The Basement

There were several revisions to this cue, I mean several. If there was something Scott wanted to get right was this cue. First of all, it is the longest cue of the picture. And second, there are so many elements that had to be both addressed and balanced.  Not only are we following the linear storytelling, we also have Matt’s twelve steps coming to a climax, as well as our realization that Matt decided to return to the house instead of going to the AA meeting.  Brilliantly put together by Scott, but just as challenging to manage.

So Kenny is in control now, about to exact revenge onto Albert.  And as he comes down the stairs, the music that was part of the original Kenny’s Story is brought back, with the strings now moving in opposite motion. This is subtle stuff, mind you, but it personally felt as if we were reversing the roles of control musically.


But all is not well, and as Albert opens his eyes, our dark theme returns in a very low register.



As the tension builds, and Matt sees what has happened with Kenny, the voices played a fantastic role in conveying the horror of what he witnesses.




click below to download and listen for the “reversed” strings from Kenny’s Story…
Kenny In the Basement – A Walk Among the Tombstones (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


  • Cyrus
    Posted at 23:07h, 18 October Reply

    just finished watching the movie. Wonderful score – thank you. This cue (Kenny in the Basement) sounds like a subtle hommage to Bernard Hermann’s score for Psycho.

    • Carlos Rafael Rivera
      Posted at 15:39h, 21 December Reply

      Thanks so much for the kind words! Indeed, was absolutely looking to Herrmann’s music. This cue finishes the arc begun in the second phone call to Kenny (“Kenny’s Story” in the Varese release). These chords go down, and the chords in “Kenny’s Story” go up… really nerdy, but fun details when writing.

      talk soon

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