Kenny’s Story

Kenny’s Story

The essence of this cue is to at once develop from the sparseness of the previous cue into a larger orchestral palate, while paying respect to what made a Classic Hollywood Thriller score. Here I remember listening through much of the work of Bernard Herrmann – in search of what would be the essence of his approach to the noir genre.

Much of the music in this cue expands on what is set up in “We Got Your Wife…,” the first part of Kenny’s Story, and seems to work quite well. Yet at around 1:47, when Kenny begins to walk toward the car, I’d hit a wall. And was about to get behind schedule. Tom Kramer was a God-send of a music editor, whose knowledge of music, to say nothing of his 30+ years doing what he does in the industry, got me through it.

Tom n Carlos Cigar Crop

See that riff in the Vln I and Cello? That was Tom – I had the tempo – the drive, but he started humming that.

2m02 ie1

It was a super cool variation of the main theme, against the pizz Basses and expanding Violas. From there on out having the choir and orchestra wax in dissonance seemed appropriate to the experience of Kenny witnessing what is inside the trunk of the car…


click below and download to listen to Tom’s contribution at 1:47…
Kenny’s Story – A Walk Among the Tombstones (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


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