Matt Follows Loogan

Matt Follows Loogan

This piece is an homage to the classic noire genre.  There is the insistence of the piano underscoring the scene.  I at first assigned the role of Loogan to the Harp and Matt to the Guitar + Keyboard (mostly because TJ is also following Matt!) – So musical imitation seemed a pretty effective way to enhance the characters’ actions.  Matt’s theme plays toward the middle section (now imitated by the Harp) –
Matt Follows Loogan Example

Among my greatest thrills was the opportunity to work with Wylie Stateman, Dror Mohar, and Branden Spencer, the sound design team behind Django Unchained.  Check this scene out below – It is visually TOUGH so be warned – do not click if you are weak stomached.


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Notice the exact moment I tagged the video to start, the bullet is an INCOMING MISSILE. That is just MASTERFUL stuff. (You can rewind to the beginning of the clip for a sound design feast, but again, it’s pretty graphic)  I actually found out Wylie, Branden and Dror were working on Tombstones after watching this movie, and I seriously nerded out the most around them, wanting to know exactly HOW they did what they did throughout our collaboration.

To get to see them conceive sound on Matt Follows Loogan was a treat, not because they removed nearly ALL of it, but how they chose to have the sound disappear into the score, and have it flood back in as Matt yanks on TJ at the cue’s end.



click below to download and check out Matt Follows Loogan…
Matt Follows Loogan – A Walk Among the Tombstones (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


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