Ray Cases the House

Ray Cases the House

This one was a lot of fun to come up with. Arriving at Donovan’s “Atlantis” as the centerpiece was the result of a funny email exchange I had with Scott.


My first attempt at the cue was born out of the song’s role in the film as background radio music. The trick was to play the song out in real time from the moment Ray leaves the van until he gets back in, leading to the chorus as he sees Yuri’s daughter, Lucia.


Three things about this cue – when writing for Harp, in order to create more resonance on a repeated C note, you can tune the B string to B Sharp, and it sounds awesome (see the sample below).
Ray Cases Example

Second of all, the cue stays in the song’s key, but takes on a Russian tone to address the characters being cased.

Third, and most importantly, the music underscores Ray’s curiosity for the girl driving the car, and also features an interesting trick I discovered while writing film music – subtle hits. At 0:26, Scott wanted the score to accentuate the woman revealed as a nurse when taking off her coat, so I used an electric guitar chord subtly playing at that moment. If one listens to the cue alone, the chord comes out of nowhere, but serving the story, it is absolutely necessary.


click below to download and see if you notice the guitar chord at 0:26…
Ray Cases the House – A Walk Among the Tombstones (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


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