La Quinta del Sordo




Solo Instruments


La Quinta del Sordo (The Deaf Man’s Villa) is the name of the residence where Goya spent his last years. And where, most importantly, he produced his dark or black paintings on the very walls of his home.

The dark, haunting, and mysterious quality of these, along with historical issues raised about their authenticity, sparked in me a curiosity that inevitably led to a musical reflection. I chose to compose five of the fifteen paintings – which have affected me most at this time of my life.

This piece was made possible with the support of Piano Spheres and is dedicated with great affection to Susan Svrcek.

1- Asmodea
2- Un Viejo y Un Fraile
3- Duelo a Garrotazos
4- La Leocadia
5- Judith y Holofernes

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